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Yes, the MAF, ARC2 and injectors all came as a package but that was several years ago. I've never gotten the car to run properly in that time period mostly because I upgraded too many things at the same time.

I've contacted Matt before about helping me tune the ARC2, but I think I have a deeper issue going on. The car has always ran super rich since the upgrades. Recently I took out the 660cc injectors to install the original ones and I could actually get the car to idle properly (proper A/F ratio). For some reason it can't handle the bigger injectors.

I don't remember doing anything with the fuel pump resistor and relay, but I have read about that. I wasn't sure what the benefit of that was.

I've got the stock fuel rails and fuel pressure regulator.

I've got the Greddy Type S BOV and I believe it is vented to the atmosphere (the angled nipple has nothing connected to it).

I've got all of the intake pipes replaced since I now have a FMIC.
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