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Default Guestimate settings 3000gt?.

Hello all, I run a Mitsubishi GTO-TT (3000gt) with Td04-16gs.

I have a GM 3" maf on the way with a new Maf-t, looking to run it in blow through.

The majority of tuning will be done on the Emanage Ultimate but I need to get the Maf-t in the correct range.

I need 2000hz output at 7000 rpm and 30psi, does anyone have an idea for rough Maf-t setting off hand to start with? ( basically I want half what a stock MAF would output so would scaling to 740cc work?).

My injectors are PTE 1200 running 20% Meth in tank but the Emanage does injector level fuel control.

Any help appreciated!.
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