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Default Setting up AFR Tracking on the GEN II (Turbo Buicks)

Once your wbo2 is set up and verified to be accurate you can configure the tracking feature in the AFR Tracking page.

Providing you are running a Extender G Chip, here is how it works.

The first three options are low limit settings. Once the mininum tps, rpm and load limits are met, afr tracking kicks in. Here are the settings I suggest to start with.

min tps 3.000
min rpm 3200
min load 166.4
lean lim % 10.0
rich lim %25.0
gain 12.0
afr 10.8 from 2000-8000
aux %0.0
af trdelay 0.3

From there set up the sensor monitor page to read AFR Des (Desired Air Fuel Ratio) and WB Corr (Wideband Fuel Correction). This is the page you want on when your out driving. When wb correction is triggered the AFR Des will appear and the WB Corr will show how much fuel is being added or subtracted.

Add or subtract fuel in the Tune High page to get WB Corr close to 0.

Generally the tune should be dialed in close before tracking is enabled.

Happy tuning!
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