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Default Hesitation at WOT

I'm running an 1987 Buick Grand National with TE44, Powerstroke IC, 3000RPM Stall, Mototron 60lbs per hr, Razor Alky, PowerLogger, Wideband LC-1, TurboTweak 6.0. I'm running 22 psi of boost on 94 octane with the alky.

Yesterday, everything was fine and now at WOT, the engine is having major hesitation. Boost is normal at 22psi then drop to 9psi for an instant and goes back to 22psi for maybe 1 second and drop back to 9psi. While this happened AFR, engine speed, MAF, timing, and injectors PW, all follow the same up and down pattern.

The attached PowerLogger file is showing that from second 744 to 748.

Any help diagnosing that would be greatly appreciated.

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