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Default Install Issue

bob, i just got around to installing my 2-step over the weekend. however i ran into a small problem. I'm running a XFI on the car which shouldn't matter

anyways, when i start the car the run led light illuminates and then it will flicker the car will sputter and then it will illuminate again and run smooth for a few seconds then the led will flicker the car will stumble again and it will do this over and over again.

the only trouble shooting i did was bypass the 2 step by unplugging the connectors that i spliced and plug them together. the car ran smooth once i did this. then i plugged the 2 step back in and it was do the flicker sputter deal. anyways where should i look? i just read a post to make sure how the pink and red wire fuse box is pluged into the ccci at the fuse box. anyways please let me know. the car is in arizona so im not sure when i will be able to check what you want me to check

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