View Full Version : Scanmaster 3 Subaru CEL codes on Saab 9-2x

10-13-2007, 04:33 PM
I have MY05 Saab 9-2x which is essentially a MY05 Subaru WRX wagon. I have a Scanmaster 3 that reads the diagnostic info from the diagnostic port just fine, but when I try to read CEL codes from the ECU it progresses a series of dashes across the screen and then appears to power off. I have read about this behavior in another thread somewhere on this forum and from what I understand this can be fixed by you guys by providing a new firmware for the Scanmaster. I am curious, is it the result of the ECU returning an unexpected identification string so that people can't mess up their ECU by trying to read from a non SSM compliant diagnostic port? I am also wondering if you would be able and willing to make a fix for Saab 9-2x owners as I have the device and I know that there are a few more owners of the 9-2x out there that have the Scanmaster 3. I am already running the 1.1 firm/soft-ware that allows for the digital boost reading and display. Thanks for any and all help that you can give to the situation.